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  1. (English) or (Chinese) -- Master Ren's site. Go there to find out about his classes or seminars in your area and purchase his excellent line of Videos

  2. -- Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang's World Taijiquan Association

  3. -- Chen Village Taiji site

  4. -- This site offers info on Chen style and Master Chen, Bing. The site is managed by his Disciple Bosco  Baek.

  5. -- Stephan Berwick's site on Chen style and his classes in Washington DC area

  6. -- Jose Figueroa's site for Chen style and classes in St. Paul, Minn.

  7. --  Online learning for Gracie Jiu-jitsu

  8. -- Yang, Yang's personal site on Chen Taiji

  9. -- The official site in the US for Grandmaster Chen,Yu son of the famous Chen, Zhao Kuei (Chen, Xiao Wang's uncle)

  10. -- For those in Rochester, New York click here for info on Taiji mainly Chen and other related stuff hosted by Bob Loce  long-time student of Master Ren and Grandmaster Chen

  11. -- Greg Pinney's Hua Mountain Kung Fu (Rutherford, NJ)

  12. -- Pete Pajil's Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence Website (Philly, PA).  Pete is Moy Yat's official United States custodian. Also, contains links to Moy Yat schools world-wide.

  13. -- Official Website of Dragon Door Publications. Best place to purchase Kettlebells

  14. --Yang Family Tai Chi Website

  15. -- Wu Family Tai Chi Website

  16. -- Yaron Seidman's site on Master Feng's- Hun Yuan Chen Taijiquan

  17. -- Jarek's site from China on all the Internal styles

  18. -- Master Chen, Yu (Chen, Zhao Kui's son) site 

  19. -- A great site on Aikido with a mpeg of O'sensei

  20. -- Mike Patterson's site on Xingyiquan

  21. -- Tim Cartmell's Internal Martial art site

  22. -- John Bracy's site on the Internal arts as well as other topics

  23. -- This is a non-martial site. It is Lou Reed's main site for info on his upcoming ventures

  24. -- For those in the Los Angeles, California area that are seeking Accu-pressure and massage therapy

  25. -- For authentic Bujinkan Ninpo in Miami, FL, this is where to go.

  26. -- Master Luo, De Xiu's multi-language site

  27. -- George Wood's site on the Gao system of Baguazhang as taught by Master Luo, De Xiu

  28. --  Gao Baguazhang school in Boulder, CO



  1. -- Lou Reed: A Walk on the Wild Side of Tai Chi (feature article in Kung fu Magazine (2003)

  2. -- Chen Xiao Wang: Carrying the Burden of Taiji Legacy by C.P. Ong

  3. --Mater Ren and Stephan Berwick's article on the Chen straight sword

  4. -- Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai's article on Chen taijiquan

  5. - -Tai Chi Reported to Ease Fibromyalgia (New York Times, August 18, 2010


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  1. Michael Rosario Graycar and Rachel Tomlinson published “Tensegrity:  Development of Dynamic Balance and Internal Power in Taijiquan” in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts (September 2010, Vol. 19, Issue 3).

  2. Purchase your copy now for $8.00 plus S&H: