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These clips are from a seminar I did in Miami, FL.

Most of the attendees work in the Law Enforcement/Bodyguard Industry.


Clip 1: Here I am demonstrating fa-jin using some of the Ba-Fa or 8 energies, including Zhou (elbow), shoulder kao (bump), Ji (squeezing/pressing) & An Jin (pushing energy) on a Thai bag


Clip 2: Here I show the difference between an elbow strike with and
without body-connection


Clip 3: Here I show Knee strikes on the bag


Clip 4: How to train Fajin with a partner


Clip 5: I show the relationship between dan tian turning/silk-reeling training and fajin. Also shown: Using short fa-jin instead of pushing to disrupt someone and gain an advantageous position


Clip 6: Here I demonstrate Solo-fajin training & using short power fa-jin for non-striking purpose to open up opponent so you can follow-up with an attack



More clips on YouTube: