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Pushing Hands FAQ

For your convenience we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers in the activities that take place at the Phoenix Martial Arts Center. Click here if you have additional questions.

What is Pushing Hands? What is the purpose of Pushing Hands?
Pushing Hands (Tui Shou) is an exercise performed by two people who are attempting to improve their Tai Chi skills. Click here for more information on the Pushing Hands.

Is the pushing hands meet up for Chen taijiquan practitioners only?
No, this meet up is open to anyone wanting to improve their skills.

Is this an instructor lead class?
No, those who participate in the push hands meet up should have prior knowledge of taiji and push hands. However, if you are new to taiji or push hand, please do not hesitate to come. An instructor (or assitant instructor) from the Phoenix Martial Arts Center will be onsite to assist you. You are also welcome to visit and/or join our school to learn Chen stye taijiquan. Click here for class information.

What should I expect from the meet up?
Please be open-minded as the push hands meet up is open to anyone who practices taiji. The pushing that you are used to may differ slightly with each person you partner with to push. This is a huge benefit as you will learn to deal with different styles, body types, techniques, sensitivity levels, etc.