Practice now...

It is important to practice the techniques and exercises learned in the PSS workshop. Practicing once a month is better than not practing at all. The PSS bootcamp will be made available on a monthly basis. You can also request private lessons.

...survive later

...survive later


PSS is broken down into 3 modules. Each module requires 4 - 10 to complete succesfully. Participants should continue to work on the exercises after the completion of each module. They are encurage to teach others what they have learned in the workshop. As the overall goal of the Phoenix Self-Protection System is to educate and train anyone and everyone to protect themselves and their family.

There will be a self-protection bootcamp held at least once a month allowing those who previously attend a self-protection workshop to continue to hone there skills.


PSS workshops are held at the Phoenix Martial Art Center in Norristown, PA. Accommodations can be made for private lessons or for small private groups. Please check the "Upcoming Workshops" link regularly for updates.


Basic Self-Protection - Module 1

This module covers the psychological aspects of an attack, self-protection measures, body structure, types of attacks and defensive tactics. This module educates participants on how to avoid possible threats by developing situational awareness within their surroundings. Tips and exercises on how to control anxiety and control breathing will be provided.

Participants will learn basic strikes and kicks to ward off their assailant and escape to safety. Footwork, light physical contact, and slow simulated attacks are important to developing natural reactions. Participants will be introduced to various types of controlling forces (bear hugs, grabs, chokes, etc) and escapes for each instance. Approximately 95 percent of time will be hands on, as repetition is key in developing a natural body response.


Ground Defense & Tactics - Module 2

Module 2 of the self-protection system covers ground techniques. Participants learn how to control, defend, attack, and escape their assailant in the event they are taken to the ground.

There is no guarantee what position you will end up in during a transition from standup to ground. Ideally you would prefer to land on top of your attacker (in a mounted position), balanced and in control. This module teaches participants how to escape their assailant should they end up in a bad position (mounted) on the ground. Participants learn what to do in the event their attacker is punching from a mounted position.

This module is especially important for women as it teaches them how to deal with an attacker who has mounted them in a rape attempt. They learn how to control their attacker, avoid punches, and escape quickly to safety.


PSS Boot Camp

The PSS Boot Camp is an all hands-on, intense review of everything learned in previous self-protection workshops. It will allow participates who attended previous workshops to hone their self-protection skills. The more the participants review and practice the techniques taught in the PSS the more likely their bodies will react naturally in an event of an attack (as opposed to a forced reaction).

The PSS Boot Camp is intended for those who have attended at minimal, modules 1 and 2 of the Phoenix Self-Protection System. There will be no new material covered in the PSS Boot Camp.

***Boot camps are for participants who attended previous workshops ONLY***