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Self-Protection (self'-pro•tec´tion)
-n the act of defending one's self when physically attacked, as by countering blows or overcoming an assailant

The System (PSS)

PSS is a system that does not discriminate against the non-athletic, non-martial, smaller or weaker person. Size and strength, which can be assets, are not a primary in this training. Remaining calm and balanced is what is important. The system is based on the foundation of Chen style taijiquan, along with Wing Chun, Jiu-Jitsus, Aikido, and Escrima. This training gives the non-martial artist the understanding and confidence needed to deal with aggressive situations.

Purpose of this training is to:

  • help people become aware of their surroundings
  • provide tips on how to avoid potential attacks (De-escalation)
  • teach basic self-defense techniques to ward off an attacker
  • educate people on crime statistics and how it affects them
  • encourage people to educate others about self-protection
  • make people understand that any situation can potentially turn into an assault


Training in self-protection is mainly geared for non-martial artists who desire reasonable skill in defending against assault without having to devote themselves to many years of martial training. It focuses on psychological and physical aspects of an attack, and the proper ways of dealing with it. This is not for people seeking to learn to fight. This training offers ways for the non-combatant to defend himself or herself enough to escape an assailant.


Training includes:

  • Dealing with attacks
  • Ground defense
  • Avoidance and Awareness tactics
  • How to use basic instruments to defend oneself
  • How to develop 180-degree vision (for stronger awareness and confidence)
  • Weapons defense


What Self-Protection is NOT...

Self-Protection is more than an attempted kick or punch to the groin or a finger to the eye of an attacker. (Most guys are accustomed to the former tactic and in most cases naturally protect their groin area.) It does not teach you how to defeat and/or beat your opponent into submission. Nor does it teach you to become a martial arts expert.


What Self-Protection IS...

Self-Protection begins with using your brain; doing everything possible to avoid an attack from your assailant. It also means mitigating the risk of an attack by making smart decisions. These decisions include hanging out in a crowd, avoiding alleyways and shortcuts and being aware of your surroundings. Self-Protection is the ability to ward off an attack if necessary and putting yourself in a position to get to safety.



De-escalating a situation means speaking or acting in a way that can prevent the situation from getting worse. Things such as speaking softly, controlling your temper and remaining calm. In situation where are isolated and being verbal harassed, it is best to agree with the person. Agreeing with this person does not make his or her accusations true, it is simple a method of de-escalation.