Seminar Location:
YMCA: Columbia North
1400 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Sunday, November 30, 2014


Transportation and Parking:

You can get to the Columbia North YMCA by taking the Broad Street Line to the Girard stop and walking North two blocks. If you are driving in, we recommend parking in the back of the facility.

Free Self-Protection Seminar

How do attackers pick their targets? How do you react in a fight vs. flight situation? What are self-awareness techniques you can utilize to become more aware of your environment and avoid danger?

In this free 1.5 hour seminar, we’ll start by talking about prevention and awareness - the best form of self-protection. We’ll teach you how to scope out your environment and avoid scenarios or confrontations that may lead to danger.

We'll then perform lots of demonstrations on how to deal with strikes, holds, and the threat of a sexual assault. Seminar attendees will have an opportunity to come up with attack scenarios and witness simple yet effective tactics and techniques to deal with such attacks. The focus will be on psychological and physical aspects of an attack as well as non-combatant methods to escape an aggressive situation.

Whether you’re a beginner or have practiced martial arts before, this class is for those that want to learn practical skills to assess a situation, avoid an altercation, utilize non-physical methods to evade an attack and if necessary, defend themselves.

We’ll end by going through the latest advances in technology geared towards keeping people safe including devices and safety apps.

It is highly recommended that teens, women, and senior citizens attend this free seminar.

Sponsored by: The Phoenix Marital Arts Center in collaboration with ROAR for Good, a social impact company dedicated to reducing violence against women using empowerment, technology and educational programs.

Registration now closed on Meetup and facebook.

Reasons to attend this free seminar:
Rape Crisis Center Statistics
Domestic Violence Statistics
Woman Abducted In Germantown Section Of Philadelphia
Brutal Home Invasion Caught On Baby Monitor
Abducted UVA Student Body Found
1 of 3 Suspects Arrested In Attacks On Senior Citizens In Philly
Woman Raped During Home Invasion
Body Of Kidnapped Real Estate Agent Found
Woman Sexually Assaulted In Northeast Philadelphia Home Invasion
Woman Sexually Assaulted In Southwest Philadelphia
Trial Held For Man Who Attacked An Upper Darby Senior Citizen