No Rules

There are many sensitive and vulnerable areas of the body to attack in a self-protection scenario. In the PSS you will learn when and how to exploit these sensitive areas to get away from your attacker to safety.

The System

PSS begins with awareness; doing everything possible to avoid an attack from an assailant. Then the body: breathing and remain calm. Lastly, preparedness; the ability to protect yourself from an attacker and escape to safety.

The system teaches methods to mitigate the risk of an attack by making smart decisions. You will learn the psychological aspects of an attack, how to mitigate the possibilities of an attack, body structure, and awareness. In addition, you will learn exercises to remain calm and balanced.

The Phoenix Self-Protection System will not transform you into a martial artist or an elite fighter. You will not leave with the ability to defeat and/or beat your opponent into submission. The system teaches a person how to use simple techniques to protect oneself from a standing or prone position.

Training includes:

  • Module 1 - Basic Self-Protection
  • Module 2 - Ground Defense & Tactics
  • PSS Boot Camp - Intense Training and Review (Monthly)

Targeted audience:

  • Women
  • Senior Citizens
  • Victims of Bulling
  • College Students
  • Teenagers
  • International Travelers